I first realized I appreciated and loved practicing nudism some years back.

My closest friend whom I went to high school with (and we’ve been out of high school for bout 2 weeks when she and her husband invieted me over for the weekend(Fri,Sat,and Sun),is where I was first introduced to nudism.
Yes, she and I were really close buddies,but for some reason I didn’t understand she was a nudist(or a least she was at/and in her house. I can certainly remember when she called me on the telephone and invieted me over for the weekend. She asked me to come down and spend the weekend with she,her husband/and family,but that she and her family absolutly adore being barefoot and bare(practice nudism),and that she and her family would be barefoot and entirely bare in the home when I got there.

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I was actually very comfortable with this,I think she was nervous to see my reaction,but she told me on the telephone to anticipate this,so I was toatlly comfortable with it and that is only what I told her. She said amazing and invieted me to take off my clothes too and practice nudism with her and her family,and that is exactually what I did.
Being barefoot@naked is an absolutly fantastic feeling.
The girls told me it was an absolutly beautiful ,tranquil place with a lot of tasks,but a lot of the activities “everyone participated “barefoot and nude”(including the staff). I told the young woman which was great and sounded wounderful,so http://cutenudist.com made the reservation. It was quite a relaxing and excellent 10 days
I do have amazing friends(although a small group and mainly girls)),they adore practicing nudism and even though there is only 6(in town),the other buddies(3) who practice nudism live half hour away from me. Although we’re just bare the the house,or each other’s house. All of us have regular jobs and wear url .

My wife and I and 6 other couples which are good buddies have been going to the

http://rudenudist.com in the Black Rock Desert of Northern Nevada since 1997.

It’s not charged as clothing optional but it’s…nudity is as accepted as it is expected. The bunch this year will be about 50,000 people and during the day around 20% will be nude and around 60% will be at least partly naked. The percentage of naked people is higher in the early mornings before folks get in their costumes. Nude folks are fully accepted and, really, not even found considerably as the costumes that so a lot of people wear are so creative and incredible as is the giant graphics and fire-art that’s what the occasion is all about.

The occasion isn’t for everyone.

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You camp in an extremely unpleasant desert for a week and everything you need to eat, drink and stay healthy and comfortable must be brought in by you…nothing except ice and java is for sale on the desert.

The folks in our group bring some astonishing costumes, as do most attendees, but we also go around nude when we are just viewing the artwork. Burningman is probably THE greatest combination of clothed and naked people on the planet during the week it runs. (From 1 week before Labor Day to Labor Day.) We can really say that we have never had, seen or even heard of any negative comments or reactions to the nudity from the textiles at the occasion.

The bravest thing I ever did naked? Well how about among the most courageous….well, in fact it was more impulsive than brave.

Several years ago I was living in northwest Houston,,, hot, humid, Houston. Every morning (around 5 AM) before going to work I’d ride my bike for 20-30 minutes through the area. Usually I wore sneakers, a t-shirt and short pants. Well this particular morning I donned my tennis shoes only – don’t ask girl nudist why. And Away I went into the dawn.

The typical morning in our area at 5 AM was merely several autos with folks finding their way to the expressway to get to work. This one morning I approached a stop sign that I normally just drove through…normally no cars about. Well a couple of cars were coming so I needed to stop. And then a car pulled up next to me with three women in the vehicle. I did also. So away I went but turned from my usual route to lesser traveled roads…and they followed. This went on for a couple of streets and I finally discontinued. We had a short friendly exchange and through the laughter and quips I enticed them to bike with me the following morning. Again, we all had a good laugh. It was very comical, and surely more intimidating than anything. http://videonudism.com/hot/nakedbeachsex.php think my susceptibility were rather apparent!

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But, in all honesty, I wonder what I ‘d have done had they shown up ready to bike with me.

On my 4th day at Wreck beach, arriving there at 10AM,I found a great spot to lay out my towel and soak up some rays, naked of course.

A couple of hours later I could hear some female dialog near me, so I sat up and grabbed a bottle of water to drink. I said; hello. One of them asked me how often http://ournudism.com/young-nudist-photos.html go to Wreck. They were locals from Vancouver and this was their first time at wreck beach. At this stage, they had gotten around to removing http://voy-zone.com .

Subsequently, another one asks me ‘How come not one of the guys get Boners?’ To which I replied ‘That hardly ever happens on a nude beach,believe it or not’. I then asked them ‘How do you like this area, so far? At this point, all 3 removed their undersides.

At this point, I told them that I’m going for a dip in the ocean to cool off. When I got back to my towel, one of them noted that the water should be cold!

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I’m one who is fairly substantial in the flaccid state, but the cold shrivels it up!

We conversed for a while longer, then we went our separate ways due to some younger guys that appeared to be crowding the region that were clothed in board shorts and T-Shirts.(ignorant).

I believe the 3 Young Ladies are SOLICITED on the Nudist Lifestyle.

The best way to Have Fun Being Naked

Four Methods:Appreciating YourselfGetting Cozy With Your BodyGetting Comfortable With NudityAcclimating Yourself With Public NudityQuestions and Answers
Nudity is often regarded as an the cultural influences that frame the perception of nudity as well as a humiliating or uncomfortable event usually due to the stigma surrounding nudity. Yet for many, nudity actually is quite freeing. Signs of this is visible through nude beaches and nudist colonies, but to get to this stage — the free-minded nudist period — you first need to get comfortable in your own skin.
Valuing Yourself
Image titled Have Fun Being Naked Measure 11
Develop a self-love routine. Set a routine that helps you feel good about yourself. This could be anything — doing your hair, nails . [1]
These jobs do not have to be body associated. They just need to be tasks which help you feel better about yourself. Any task which makes you appreciate yourself is valuable. Any grooming jobs will likely be helpful.
Then it will not be easy to feel good without them in case you do not feel good in your clothing.
Do the routine often. As a way to build confidence, duplicate your routine at least once per week to establish a regular day or time that you dote on yourself.
In the event you prefer your routine to really have a walk in the park or go swimming, do it. Go everywhere that makes you feel assured and/or comfortable.

Image titled Have Fun Being Nude Measure 22
Eat foods that are healthful. Nothing can make you dote on yourself like eating nicely and value your body. [2]
It is tough to value your body if you are thinking about the additional donuts in case you are counting all the wasted calories that you have taken in, or you ate. It’ll cause you to feel guilty or insecure, which is counter to the assurance you will have to have fun naked.
Do not feel guilty about what you eat. This also is a confidence buster.
Eat foods that are wholesome as a reminder to appreciate the skin you are in. The food is a reminder your body deserves to be fed and treated nicely.
You do not have to overdo it, in case you are already on a proper diet or meal plan. If you are feeling just like you are stressed over eating too healthy, take an evening bite once every other day. Though you need to be healthy, remember there’s a thing that’s called, “being too healthy.”
Picture titled Have Fun Being Naked Measure 33
Compliment yourself. Rather than putting yourself down constantly, compliment yourself. The assurance to have pleasure nude starts with putting yourself down or not judging your body. [3]
With the procedure for complimenting yourself comes the responsibility of not doing certain things like criticizing yourself.
Point out several things about yourself that you like. Write them down if needed. So, counter “I loathe my arms” with “I ‘ve great legs.” [4]

Becoming Comfortable With Your Body
Picture titled Have Fun Being Nude Measure 41
Move your body. Any kind of physical exercise whether it is running, yoga or dancing helps to develop body confidence.
Choose an action that you simply like. Walking kickball, karate, swimming and dancing, for instance, all are activities that can help you begin to connect with moving your body, having fun.
Physical task sculpts and determines the body. Whichever activity you select functions of dual function of enjoyment and body sculpting.
Exercise or physical activity slowly helps you feel more confident about your body, which is helpful when you are nude. [5]
Stay hydrated if you prefer to do a regular or an extreme workout. If you’re not hydrated, you will be tired the rest of the day and also be out of breath as well for the folks who have asthma.
Image titled Have Fun Being Nude Measure 5

Homage is paid by the act of pampering yourself to your body. It helps you value your body and adore it, making it simpler to incorporate several of the last measures such as moving the body and eating. [6]
Pampering yourself could be as easy as taking a long bath instead of a shower. Add flower petals or some sea salt to the water.
Dressing tasks for example shaving, combing the hair, and rubbing lotion on the body all are components of pampering and self-thanks. These undertakings build an appreciation for the body which are independent from stuff adornments including shoes, garments and jewelry.
Picture titled Have Fun Being Nude Step 63
Get nude at home. If you’re comfortable being nude at home it’s much more easy to be naked around others and have fun doing it. Becoming comfortable at home with your own nudity is essential to being comfortable nude out on the planet.
Stand in front of the mirror nude — not to criticize — but to appreciate. This also enables you to get comfortable seeing yourself naked. If you are uncomfortable looking at yourself naked, then you’ll not be comfortable when others are looking at you naked.
Do an activity across the house naked. Water the plants. Dance. Read a novel. It does not matter what the action is not as short you get comfortable doing it naked.
If you are beach hunters going not fully clothed just yet, wear lingerie and build up.
Begin to incorporate into other daily actions even if you’re out of the home. For example, try not wearing panties, or go braless.
Picture titled Have Fun Being Naked Measure 74
Begin doing things naked that you would normally do with clothing on. Daily tasks for example making phone calls naked won’t look so strange after a while. Plus, you’ll get a thrill out of your little secret.
Picture titled Have Fun Being Naked Measure 85
Make a sandwich nude. Food and nudity don’t normally go together, but now you can combine the two. Be cautious about cooking nude though. Wear an apron to protect yourself.
Image titled Have Fun Being Naked Measure 96
See TV naked. Select your favorite seat or your favourite spot on the sofa. Take your clothes away. Turn on the television if it’s not already on and have a seat… naked.
Picture titled Have Fun Being Naked Measure 107
Walk around the house naked. As to ensure you aren’t visible from outside shut the blinds or drapes. Most jurisdictions have laws for indecent exposure crimes
Picture titled Have Fun Being Nude Step 118
Sleep naked. Something new, tries should you normally. Take them away. It might feel strange at first, but stick with it.

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Shortly you might like the dearth of separation between http://modestperson.com and the sheets.

Becoming Comfortable With Nudity
You can begin embracing in public situations, once you are comfortable with your own nudity.
Image titled Have Fun Being Nude Step 122
Go to a spa that is Korean, Turkish or Finnish. Most Korean health spas have gender-specific nude regions, which means you’re free to go naked within the boundaries of given regions. So, in the male area, guys are free to go naked, and it’s the same in the place that is female. [8]
Within these places there are bathing places, saunas and dressing areas.
Use a small towel to partly cover yourself if you are still not completely comfortable. Usually uniforms are offered to wear too.
If that makes you feel more comfortable, come with a friend in order that you have somebody to talk to. Some people may prefer to start with merely strangers.
Give yourself something. Bathe yourself while at the spa or groom yourself, and you will not be totally focused on your nakedness.
Also, while you are there, make an effort to get a massage too. It will help sooth your nakedness, and it’ll also sooth your back!
Bare massages, for example, are a way of acclimating yourself to being naked around others.
Picture titled Have Fun Being Naked Step 153
Sunbathe naked. Do it on the roof of your building, on your deck or at the local pool so long as it’s permitted.
Picture titled Have Fun Being Nude Step 134
Get naked in front of a supportive man. When you have a significant other or have a supportive friend or relative, get nude around them if the other person is comfortable by it.
If you are comfortable around your significant other, then you will be more comfortable during sex or alternative forms of intercourse.
Being nude around a supportive man also helps you gain confidence and set aside any anxieties. No one will gawk at you, point or laugh, which is some people’s greatest fears.
Nude massages, for example, are a style of acclimating yourself to being naked around others.

Acclimating Yourself With Public Nudity
Image titled Have Fun Being Nude Measure 161
Go skinny dipping with a close friend or partner that is encouraging. Your nude body, which enables you to get used to being naked and having fun while you do it will be partially obscured by the water.
To be more comfortable in the event you’re still not sure about displaying your skin, wear an extremely little bikini, one that’s additionally clear or bare coloured.
Picture titled Have Fun Being Naked Measure 172
Go to a nude beach. You will likely feel more comfortable in your birthday suit as well since everyone needs to be naked. Nude beaches give you an opportunity to walk around in front of strangers nude, swim bare and play beach volleyball or frisbee nude.
Picture titled Have Fun Being Naked Measure 183
Do naked yoga. Typically, the classes are sex-segregated and were created to help everyone feel more comfortable being naked no matter size or the shape. [9]
Picture titled Have Fun Being Naked Measure 194
Run nude. Some cities offer naked running groups similar to Denmark’s Roskilde Festival, where approximately 30 runners run round the festival grounds naked. [10]
Image titled Have Fun Being Nude Measure 205
Join a nudist group or colony. In the event you actually like being naked, you’ll probably wish to do more of it often. In this group, you will locate a group of encouraging people that share in your joy of having fun naked. [11]

Alabama Teen Streaker Christian Adamek

Teen Streaker, Christian Adamek, in Alabama Commits Suicide:
You realize the golden rule, don’t you boy? Those that have the gold make the rules!
“Christian Adamek, from Huntsville, Alabama, hanged himself on October 2, a week after he was arrested for running naked across the Sparkman High football field during a game. The teenager died two days later from his injuries and on Wednesday, friends and family assembled at a memorial service as they struggled to understand the beloved student’s death. A movie of Adamek streaking during a match against a competing team was posted on YouTube hours after the function and students took to Twitter to call him a ‘legend.’ ‘Sparkman’s new slogan is gonna be “Welcome to Sparkman High School, Home of Christian Adamek,”‘ one pupil wrote. But school staff did not handle the scenario so lightly. Sparkman High Principal Michael Campbell told Never thought about it before but when we read this my partner and I began to think about it and we before the suicide attempt the babe could face major repercussions due to his actions. ‘There is the legal complications,’ Campbell said. ‘Public lewdness and court consequences outside school with the legal system, together with the school outcomes the school system has set up.’ Campbell added that that the event was not just a prank and needed to be treated seriously. Sparkman High administrators even urged that Adamek confront a hearing in the Madison County court system to determine if formal charges would be filed, WHNT reported. Adamek had additionally been disciplined by his is my guy Kyle and that is a huge cruiser behind him but the details had not been made public.
The day before the suicide attempt, the principal had confirmed that Adamek was not at school and the adolescent’s sister suggested on Twitter that Adamek faced expulsion, AL.com reported.
Campbell declined to comment on Adamek’s death but the Madison County school district issued a statement saying it had ‘received word a Sparkman High School student has passed away.’Our prayers and thoughts are with the household during this time of bereavement,’ the statement read. The messages on Twitter have now turned from congratulatory to somber. ‘Praying for the Adamek family. Christian was so funny and pleasant. He can be missed by so many,’ one girl wrote. That’s what I’ll always recall about Christian.'” —
The terrible passing of the adolescent streaker Christian Adamek is a total moral failure of the societal and legal mores surrounding this kid and in many ways, all of us. This is a situation which should greatly move every naturist and any reasonable thinking person. This terrible event raises multiple questions of great concern for our society. How about in this site we just start with some fundamental constitutional principles we can proceed to more subtle issues in subsequent blogs.
The Streaker – Christian Adamek
It seems that somewhere in the history of our nation and its jurisprudence there have been included some really important and fundamental notions like; “punishment befitting a offense,” and protection of our citizenry from “cruel and unusual punishment.” In what universe could threatening and /or actually setting a streaking child prankster on a sex offender registry, a legal action that could literally ruin a person’s life, be considered by any means as “punishment befitting the crime”? In fact, Alabama state law itself classifies “indecent exposure” exclusively as a misdemeanor. Should not one have to commit more than a “misdemeanor” to become a sex offender? Do we restrict our understanding of “cruel and unusual” to mere physical torture? Does anyone recall the great novel – The Scarlet Letter – where the life of the protagonist is destroyed by social stigmatization for a comparatively slight (by the current standards) moral failure? Is it not just as cruel and unusual to slowly ruin an innocent individual’s life, as in this case, through a scarlet letter a sex registry – As it is to physically torture them?
The concept of streaking is well known, long standing and continues to be participated in as a matter of pure prankishness’ in all manner of different settings for decades both here in the USA and abroad. Have these law enforcement Neanderthals in Alabama somehow missed out on the previous 30 or 40 years of American and International history? Where, aside from perhaps Alabama, has there ever been a valid legal precedent set which in any manner identifies a streaker as a sex offender in any actual ontological sense? Perhaps it may be misconstrued as such by rank amateurs in law enforcement but definitely not in terms of genuine criminal science. There are those, like these fanatics involved law enforcement in Alabama, who may question the relative degree of violation that streaking may arouse, just like there are those prudes out there who debate the level of offense of a mom innocently nursing her child on a park bench. But to any rational man neither streaking, nor freely breastfeeding a baby, is in any manner a sexual act.

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Only a complete imbecile would think otherwise. It really is foolish enough that adults can be sex offenders just by being naked in public. But a 15 year old kid? For an age old prank? This type of charge is terribly unjust. Additionally, those who cannot morally distinguish between true sex crime, like rape, or other types of real sexual assault, and something as nonsexual as streaking across a football field before thousands of folks don’t qualify to be involved in any sort of law enforcement. Span.
We begin by noting bluntly that these decision makers are morally blind fanatics, jackboot’ authoritarians used up with self importance, lacking common sense, and of cruel intent. They’re sick schoolyard bullies. Their actions toward this child are self serving and are in no way in the interests of adoring, restorative area or social order. Out of pure hubris they grossly and incompetently swat flies with sludge hammers, and the result is that an emotionally immature youth is currently dead a youth who deserved guidance, not intimidating threats. Parents, family, and community stand in total shock and despair because law enforcement bullies were not capable of making even the simplest of moral distinctions. How sad for this kid, for his family and for all of us. There should be resignations demanded and flags at half mast across this nation.
This post about the Teenage Streaker in Alabama was published by – Young Naturists and Nudists America
Tags: intimidation, laws, streaking, teens
Group: Naked News, Naturist Blog, Social Nudity Sites
About the Author (Author Profile)
We’re Steve and Susanne, leaders of the FKK Upstate New York Chapter. We appreciate the freedom, relaxation, and healing power of naturism, and have an interest in sharing our experiences with others. Please visit our Facebook page facebook.com/FKKupstateny to get acquainted or join in any of our activities.

I learned something about myself that summer

If you didn’t understand me or if we were merely acquaintances, you’d probably think of me as the most uninteresting man in the world, one of those ladies that go through life without anyone but their closest family and friends noticing that she is even there. http://videonudism.com/outdoor ‘m not complaining. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I was attempting to tell you something about myself. I was never exceptional at all. I’m not horrible; I am not the most wonderful girl on earth. Ok, I do have a quite nice butt, but do not tell anyone about it.
I do have a buddy, my best friend in the whole world who’s definitely exceptional and whom I love very much, although she can get too intense sometimes. I suppose we balance each other good and that’s the reason we click so well. I was not overly excited as you can imagine. Plus I understood that she will just wonder off the instant we take our bikinis away and then she will be gone and I’ll be left alone, bare in public for the first time. I actually don’t understand about you, but for me, that is not something I was looking ahead. Nonetheless, after a couple of weeks, she managed to grind me down and I concurred.

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And would you are aware of it, the thing which I worried the most happened the initial day. I was alone. A couple of feet from me, there was this gorgeous girl, all naked and so beautiful that I couldn’t believe my eyes. She is an important part of the story, as you will find out.
I just could not keep my eyes off of her. I’ve seen girls nude before, but I never felt any interest. This was something absolutely new for me. I was nearly scared at how brought to her I was. Without even noticing, I took off my top, simply overly cool down a bit, I reckon. It was fantastic.
The following day, I sort of guide my friend on the other side of the shore to make sure I can see the girl I was so crazy about yesterday. She was there, naked as the first day, still so hot. My friend took off again and this time I went totally nude. I will not tell you about how great it felt to swim in the ocean nude or how certainly exhilarating it was to feel the water cool off of my nipples afterwards. I need to let you know that I finally mustered up the nerve to speak to that girl. She was French and her name was Sophie and she was just as boring as I was. We began talking and she instantly picked up on my infatuation. She let me take an image of her, the image you see before you.
Now, I don’t need to turn the best experience of my life into something public and something that’ll destroy everything that was unique about that encounter, but I have to brag. Namely, the subsequent day, free family nudist photos ‘d my first gay experience, in the woods nearby and it was everything I thought it’d be. Even more. I’ll likely never to something similar to that before, but Sophie will always remain my biggest love. So boring and so hot.

Now this is an encounter still gives me nightmares up to this day..lol

I was an associate of a group before and we would usually practice at night when everyone’s off from school or work at a buddy’s garage, we were all about the same age, around 20-24, I was 20 then and among the youngest so was our pianist who was also a girl, my sister who wasn’t an associate of the band, would often join us when we practice since she enjoys hanging out with the guys… then we had the men: the drummer, the lead guitarist, the bassist, the rhythm guitarist and (extra) percussionist
On this kind of night however, two more guys joined the practice just for the heck of it… right in the middle of a single song, the lights went out! after a couple of minutes of panicking, we found out from a neighbor that it absolutely was a citywide blackout, and also the lights won’t be back until after about 2 hrs
We were devastated! we wanted to practice for an upcoming gig this weekend, so we decided to remain and watch for the lights to return on so we could practice some more… and so we stayed…
But it was becoming hotter and the mosquitoes kept buzzing around our heads if not biting us… one of the guys suggested we go take a dip in the small river just behind the house… everybody said yes so we all trooped down to the river…
Yet when we got there, http://x-pot.com realized we didnt have bathing suits!!!LOL… so I said: well it’s dark anyhow, why don’t we simply take off our clothes and dive right in?! someone chirped: good thought!
so we said among ourselves: they won’t see a thing anyhow, so let us simply take evrything off and jump into the river fast!!!!
So we shed all our knickers bra and panties and everything in between..lol and dived right into the cold water!!! whew!! what a relief!! the water felt cold on our warm and mosquito-bitten bodies and the men didnt even know that we took off even our underwears!!! hahaha
While swiming though, some of the guys would come near us and splash water on our faces, some would try to shove us playfully but we had to stay away from them as far as possible..or else they may find out our secret!lol
The 2 girls and I decided we should get out of the water along with the guys so they would all be too busy getting into their own clothes that they won’t see us putting our underwear back on
So we got out of the water along with the guys…
while we were still attempting get into our underwear in haste…would u consider???? the fucking lights abruptly went back ON!!!! and it was so bright you wouldnt even believe it was nighttime!!! it took us a split second to realize the lights came back on, when we did, we needed to pick up our clothing and scamper behind a vast tree for cover!!!
The guys were momentarily blinded by the flooding of light so we suppose (hopefully) they didnt see anything..except for the flash of some nude buttocks along with the panties left lying on the earth!!!lol… and yes, those were mine (both the panties as well as the butt)
They all just laughed and tried to make light of things while my sister raced dressing up so she can pick my panties up from the earth and give it back to me…

I am an early twenties, somewhat attractive English

man and now spent my very first time on a nude beach today.
The shore was part of a bigger clothing-mandatory shore, but was segregated by a sizable stone embankment. Anyhow the day before I Had seen it and thought ‘Why not? Can’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it. Get a bit of all over sunning’
So today at about midday I get to the beach in shirt and shorts. Absoultely terrified via this point I put the towel, stipped away and sprayed up a little. I had brought a book to keep me distracted although http://crazypublic.com was slightly perplexed at how normal it all was. I was naked, and nobody cared! I promptly started feel disgust in the people who were walking through fully clothed to steal a peek instead of walking around the embankment. One other thing I also found was the age/sex equilibrium. Maybe I just was not at the correct area but the area was majoritively composed of men aged 30 and above. I was pretty certain I was the youngest there.
Anyway, through a mixture of nerves and being surrounded by naked people a certain organ started to rouse. Of course I lay on my stomach, but it’d not go away. After a while lying on my front I gave up the hope it’d go away I turned over with it lying on my stomach, hoping nobody would complain. I merely stuck to my novel and discounted it and it did subside somewhat. I mean, at least I was not flaunting it and hopefully it wpon’t occur if I visit again.
On that note, I am not completely certain if it is my cup of tea. In future though I would like to take somebody with my instead of going on my own because I found the most comfort and relief was had when speaking to others.
So in the end I believe it’s a case of if it is available I Will do it, as I do not see much point in getting tanlines and wet swimwear, but I don’t believe I could subscribe to full time nudism.

from a sense of shame; 4) for aesthetic reasons, as decoration, enjoyment, beauty, and to attract the reverse

sex; 5) for apotropaic reasons, to turn away the effects
of magic, sorcery, the evil eye, and hostile spirits. We
shall see that one or more of these considerations can
Additionally explain what nudity once meant for the Greeks-and how My wife and I and 6 other couples that are good buddies have been going to the changed.2
Though it doesn’t function as a protection against the
weather (1), nakedness, like clothing or armor, was
used to recognize social groups (2), in life and in art.
Clothing, actually, differentiates human society, civilized
people, from animals and wild beasts, which are
Nude. Individuals wear clothing, animals don’t. In a
clothed society, nevertheless, nakedness is special, and can
be used as a “costume.” As it developed, Greek nudity
came to mark a contrast between Greek and nonGreek, and also between women and men. The latter
distinction is linked with the most fundamental connotation of nakedness, the sense of shame, vulnerability and
exposure it arouses in person (3), and the associated sense
of shock provoked by its sight. Clothes was made to
avoid such powerful emotions by covering the body, notably the male genitals, the phallus, and female genitals and breast.
public is pretty worldwide.3 There originally existed in

I was newly married and living on the east coast not too far from the shores. , as elsewhere, a garment designed
to hide the wearer’s sex organ, a loin cloth, perizoma or
diazoma, as the Greeks usually called it. The beauty of
the nude body (4) has frequently been exalted. Its sensual and
aesthetic attractiveness, as Kenneth Clark has shown, has
caused an alternate word to be used: this facet of nakedness is known as “nudity.”4
In the ancient Near East Ishtar,5 and in the West
naked. The attractiveness and strength of the nude male
body were also commended, and heroes, including the Master of Animals, were signified naked, or wearing
only a belt.7 It was the Greeks who brought into our
culture the ideal of male nudity as the highest kind of
beauty. Greek art and athletics exalted the beauty of
the youthful male sportsman, whose figure provided the
model for the hero or youthful god. The image of the
nude young male, the kouros statue of early Greek art
(Comparing with the clothed female, the kore), embodied the arete or magnificence of an aristocratic youth, who
was kaloskagathos, “beautiful and noble.”8
On account of the powerful emotions of shame, shock,
lust, admiration, irreverence, pity, and disgust aroused
by the sight of the naked human body, the most frequent associations are with taboo, magic, and ritual
(5). When the sexual organ was uncovered, its power
was unleashed. Apotropaic and bewitching nudity, calling for the exposure of male genitals and female
enduring force of this elaborate picture. As a taboo, it
can protect against the evil eye. Like the Gorgon’s
gaze, it can paralyze or protect.
exposure of a woman’s breast or genitals, for example,
Additionally function as strong magic.9 In art and in life,

cultures throughout history, and has survived into our
own times. Phallic or “priapic” figurines and amulets,
In addition to obscene gestures, still serve as protection
against the evil eye in many parts of the world. When
Clothing is regular, exhibitionist actions of nakedness frequently
have a charming meaning. In the realm of magic, nudity
wards off a spell or other dangerous form of magic, compels love, and gives strength to one’s own practice of
witchcraft and conjuring.”1 Since, then, in a clothed
society nudity was exceptional, grievous, dangerous, and
Strong,”1 entire nakedness was prevented in regular life. It was saved for particular scenarios or specific
Rite services.
Language, too, preserved traces of this magic power
of nakedness. The word, like the fact, had to be
avoided, so that its magic power could be preserved.

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linguistic taboo so caused the kind of the word for
“Nude” to transform, in all the Indoeuropean languages.
Though gymnos, nudus, nackt, etc. were all initially
related to each other-so linguists insure us-they
were all transformed in varied and surprising ways,
so that their first likeness is almost unrecognizable.12 For most parts of the body, there’s what
Devoto called a “succinct” vocabulary:13 the words for
“heart,” “eye,” “foot,” “knee,” “nose,” “tooth,” “eyebrow” are basically the same in all the Indoeuropean

languages. Differences can be accounted for, even clarified, by linguistic “rules.” But words for “nude,”
In addition to the names of certain parts of the bodyfinger, tongue, hand, and hair-are different in the
different languages. How can this be explained? Indoeuropeans obviously had fingers, tongues, hands, hair,
and nakedness; and they must have had names for