For quite a while, I was quite interested in becoming a nudist

I am 22 now, but I have liked going nude ever from the time that I was about .
After reading this site, I decided to finally just take a chance and see what happened. Nobody was home yet, so I took time to pump myself up. I sat on the couch and watched tv, waiting for my parents to get home.

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I was nervous for a little while, but eventually only got involved in the TV and nearly forgot about me being naked. Finally, my mother arrived home. I was very scared as she walked in.
She did give of a strange look and asked me “Why do not you have any clothes on?” It was extremely hot that day so I just said that I could not stand the heat, so I simply took everthing off. She said “okay” and walked away. I couldn’t believe it. my dad came home a little while after with essentially the same reaction. I was so joyful that I’d made it so far. I even ate dinner bare that nighttime.
Later on, I noticed my mom was looking at me strange. she was staring at my behind. Instead she said “You should probably sit on a towel in case you are going to go nude. You have marks in your behind with that seat you were sitting on. I laughed and told her ok.
After that night, I discussed with my parents about nudity and they said I can go nude at home with just them whenever I need, but should get dressed when other people come over. I am good with that, that’s more than I ever hoped for!! Well, that’s my story and incidentally, this site rocks! thank you!

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