My nude beach encounters started a few years ago; strangely enough

, it was my mother who talked me into following her to one of them when we were in France. But the narrative I’d like to share is all about my other companion, a hot Italian girl by name Clarissa. But let me begin from the beginning.
Everything started with a Facebook notification saying that I had a new friend request from a girl I couldnt remember. Skimming through her profile (the profile graphic featured to embracing girls, so I had hard time figuring out who was the one that desired to be buddies with me), I shortly discovered that she was interested in women. I snorted with surprise, but then I found myself thinking that my excitement could only partly be accounted for by surprise
I am not exactly AC/DC, as they say, but I certainly had this streak in me – for one, it’s always been the beauty of a womans body that always excited me the most. I could stare at images of nude females, but male nudity just wouldnt get me off, if you know what I mean.
Evidently, that the adventurous part of me nagged to support that request, which I did. Clarissa turned out to be a very outgoing and friendly man; I never detected a few hours whiling away in an lively chat. I was both excited and intrigued and undoubtedly flattered – I would haven’t dared to approach another girl, but being liked by a fine person of a shown homosexuality got me higher than I thought it could.
Omitting the elements Ill just say that we became virtual friends quite easily, and we’re friends till this very day. I found quite fast that I was neither homosexual no bisexual, so it never operated between us on the more intimate degree. But we spent some great time while I was attempting to work out whose side I was on, and we spent it by the beachfront in Croatia.

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Italians are very big on holidaying in Croatia in general; Clarissa was obsessed with yachting in Cornati National Park. I let myself merely go together with the stream when Clarissa encouraged to join her during the past week of August. We started off by skinny-dipping and sunbathing on the rented, but after a few days we found out that our camp was located within proximity of a legitimate nude beach. I was more than OK with taking my nudity out and walking it with my head held high, hand in hand with my new girlfriend.
Here I should mention that before that moment I didnt have sex with Clarissa; she was courting me, yes, but wed never as much as kissed. But when we appeared on the nude beach together it was like a devils doing, Im telling you! I guess to me nudism has ever been connected to a urge to impress, to be a startler and also the talk of the town; but with virtually everybody else naked around me on a nude beach it was sort of hard to impress the community with my nudity. So I nearly intuitively switched to the plan B, which was bringing attention with my alleged bisexuality.
I got all naughty and equivocal while helping Clarissa out of her shorts, I volunteered to take off her bikini bottom for her, I willingly and quite enthusiastically rubbed the sunscreen into the soft skin on her back and all the way down! My hands reached to her belly and then I touched family nudist pictures after an instant of reluctance. My god, it was electric! And it definitely did what it was supposed to – everybody else on the shore was staring at us, both women and men!
I suppose this does not make me a dyke, but an exhibitionist – big time, you betcha!! I got off as difficult as a girl can. This did not pass unnoticed to Clarissa, and she played up my tune. It was like being exposed on a vast scene under the open skies. I felt the same as a movie star, seriously. And I am pretty happy about what happened later that day (and that night!). Although it didnt make me change sides, hell, it was a lifetime experience!
And now it gives me reasons to smile mysteriously every time they talk about lesbians – and I feel like the world revolves around me, once again!

9 thoughts on “My nude beach encounters started a few years ago; strangely enough

  1. Ben Kneuper says:

    I guess it's already been said, but I still can't help myself; Di you happen not to notice that NO ONE else was wearing clothes????

  2. geilessex says:

    ufffff Maria como estas ainsssss quien pudiera disfrutar de semejante cuerpazo y sobre todo poder tenerte de modelo madre mia lo que yo haria…. ole ole y oleeeeee espero muchas masssss por favorrrrrrr

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