Never thought about it before but when we read this my partner and I began to think about it and we

realized that we do do it fairly often. The past time was 2 weeks ago. We were in Vegas and went for a drive to The Dam. Went past it and went for a drive out past it. We went to that small conservation area on the right that you have to drive several miles also. It was left and hot . I ‘d my top of in a minute as did my wife as we took a fast walk. We got back into the car and headed back to the highway. Once we were in the car my wife slid her skirt down and rode naked. She needed me to do the same but I said I’d wait till we got back to the hiway in case it was occupied. Got ot the hiway and there was just off came my shorts. drove for about an hour before we turned around and headed back. We turned into the Lake Mead conservation area and took the gravel road all the way to the end , both trails. We stopped many times for some photo ops. and to put sun screen on. That was great fun. As we got back to the point where the gravel meets the pavement we stopped to take some timer pics of ourselves and yes we got caught. This pick-up came out of nowhere before we could get clothing on or back to the vehicle so we just grinned and waved. It was a young couple on their honeymoon and when they saw us naked they stopped and desired to know whether there was nude beach down there and we said yes it was when we were there. They appeared be completely unconcerned that we were naked. I told them that there was no one down there and they could get nude now if they needed to. Made a little more small talk and then walked to our car. I looked back at them as I got into our car and I really could see them getting nude additionally. This is the very first time we’ve ever got found totaly nude.

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We got into the auto with a real adrenaline rush and decided not to get dressed…drove down to the marina and did a drive thru the parking lot down to the boat launch but there was few folks around so we didn’t get out and left. It was getting dark as we got back to the hiway and completely forgot about the check point before the dam. Hardly got my shorts on and wifey just got her shirt on and got her skirt on her lap as we got to it. They just waved us thru without even looking at us, we were going to drive all the way back to the resort nakedand as it turned out we likely could have. We eventually finished getting dressed in the parking garage in the resort. That was the only naked driving we did there and got a pretty good burn additionally, but it was worth it. So much more to tell maybe another time

11 thoughts on “Never thought about it before but when we read this my partner and I began to think about it and we

  1. mydickish says:

    Hey dutchie, het is gewoon het strand van Noordwijk in de buurt van huis ter duin (pic 7)En die berg zijn de duinen daar voorbij.

  2. WestGfnk says:

    Did anyone besides me ever notice when women get naked on the beach, that they always have to inspect their own tits and or pussy ? They rub them, them and pick them, and always in front of thier girlfriends.

  3. debbydo says:

    You have a problem. There’s something creepy about voyering people who aren’t flirting with it. If they’re being naughty in public, they can expect it. If they’re just out for a beach day, you’re creepy.

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